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System Status

upGPC upTCS upSandy upARC upFile System
upGravity upP7 upBGQ upHPSS

Sat 25 Apr 2015 23:53:18 EDT: Power has just been restored to the complex. Staff enroute to site to bring systems up tonight. Will likely take a couple of hours. There may not be any more updates on wiki tonight but logins will be re-enabled when systems are ready

Sat 25 Apr 2015 22:41:32 EDT: All systems down. Power problem at 10:15pm.

System News

  • Apr 21, GPC: intel/15.0.2 installed as a module.
  • Apr 21, GPC: intelmpi/ installed as a module.
  • Apr 14, GPC: Haskell compiler installed as a module.
  • Apr 14, GPC: git-annex/5.20150219 installed as a module.
  • Apr 13, GPC: Midnight Commander installed as a module.
  • Apr 7, GPC: Stacks/1.29 installed as a module.
  • Apr 6, GPC: Gromacs 4.6.7 installed as a module.
  • Apr 6, GPC: Gromacs 5.0.4 installed as an experimental module
  • Mar 18, BGQ: module hdf5/1812-v18-mpich2-gcc is deprecated; please use hdf5/1814-v18-mpich2-gcc instead.
  • Mar 13, BGQ: module fftw/3.3.3-gcc4.8.1 is deprecated; please use fftw/3.3.4-gcc4.8.1 instead.
  • Mar 12, GPC & BGQ: Namd 2.10 installed as modules.

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QuickStart Guides

Tutorials and Manuals

What's New On The Wiki

  • Dec 2014: Updated GPC Quickstart with info on email notifications from the scheduler.
  • Dec 2014: Hdf5 compilation page updated.
  • Sept 2014: Improved information on the Python versions installed on the GPC, and which modules are included in each version.
  • Sept 2014: Description on using job arrays on the GPC on the Scheduler page.
  • Sept 2014: Instructions on using Hadoop (for the Hadoop workshop held in September).

Previous new stuff can be found in the What's new archive.

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