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System Status

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Mon Nov 20 22:08:00 EST 2017 Scheduler back up.

Mon Nov 20 20:30:00 EST 2017 Scheduler issues. We're investigating.

Sun Nov 12 23:33:04 EST 2017 File system issues cleared. System should be back to normal.

Sat Nov 11, 13:43 EDT 2017 File system issues. You may experience problems logging in. We are investigating.

Sat Nov 11, 12:19 EDT 2017 If you are experiencing issues when logging in, try ssh to

Thu Oct 19, 18:30 EDT 2017 Connectivity to the datacentre has been restored.

Thu Oct 19, 17:00 EDT 2017 It appears that the optical fibre connection to the datacentre has been cut, some 3 km away from the University. Bell has been contacted.

Thu Oct 19, 14:30 EDT 2017 Network issues to the data centre. We are investigating.

System News

  • Nov 28, 2017, 12:00 noon: The GPC will be reduced from 30,912 to 16,800 cores to make room for the installation of Niagara.
  • Sept 29, 2017: The TCS was decommissioned on Sept. 29, 2017
  • Mar 3: GPC: Version 7.0 of Allinea Forge (DDT Debugger, MAP, Performance Reports) installed as a module.
  • Jan 26: New larger (1.8PB) $SCRATCH storage brought online.
  • Oct 24: P8: 2 new Power 8 Development Nodes, P8 , with 4x Nvidia P100 (Pascal) GPUs, available for users.
  • Sept 19: KNL: Intel Knights Landing Development Nodes, KNL , available for users.
  • Sept 13: GPC: Version 6.1 of Allinea Forge (DDT Debugger, MAP, Performance Reports) installed as a module.
  • Sept 13: GPC: Version 17.0.0 of the Intel Compiler and Tools are installed as modules.
  • Aug 20: P8: Power 8 Development Nodes, P8 , with 2x Nvidia K80, GPUs available for users.

(Previous System News)

QuickStart Guides

Tutorials and Manuals

What's New On The Wiki

  • Dec 2014: Updated GPC Quickstart with info on email notifications from the scheduler.
  • Dec 2014: Hdf5 compilation page updated.
  • Sept 2014: Improved information on the Python versions installed on the GPC, and which modules are included in each version.
  • Sept 2014: Description on using job arrays on the GPC on the Scheduler page.
  • Sept 2014: Instructions on using Hadoop (for the Hadoop workshop held in September).

Previous new stuff can be found in the What's new archive.

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