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P8 s822.jpg
Installed June 2016
Operating System Linux RHEL 7.2 le / Ubuntu 16.04 le
Number of Nodes 2x Power8 with 2x NVIDIA K80, 2x Power 8 with 4x NVIDIA P100
Interconnect Infiniband EDR
Ram/Node 512 GB
Cores/Node 2 x 8core (16 physical, 128 SMT)
Login/Devel Node p8t0[1-2] / p8t0[3-4]
Vendor Compilers xlc/xlf, nvcc



The P8 Test System consists of of 4 IBM Power 822LC Servers each with 2x8core 3.25GHz Power8 CPUs and 512GB Ram. Similar to Power 7, the Power 8 utilizes Simultaneous MultiThreading (SMT), but extends the design to 8 threads per core allowing the 16 physical cores to support up to 128 threads. 2 nodes have two NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPUs with CUDA Capability 3.7 (Kepler), consisting of 2xGK210 GPUs each with 12 GB of RAM connected using PCI-E, and 2 others have 4x NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs each wit h 16GB of RAM with CUDA Capability 6.0 (Pascal) connected using NVlink.


First login via ssh with your scinet account at login.scinet.utoronto.ca, and from there you can proceed to p8t0[1-2] for the K80 GPUs and p8t0[3-4] for the Pascal GPUs.

Software for

GNU Compilers

To load the newer advance toolchain version use:

For p8t0[1-2]

module load gcc/5.3.1

For p8t0[3-4]

module load gcc/6.2.1

IBM Compilers

To load the native IBM xlc/xlc++ compilers

For p8t0[1-2]

module load xlc/13.1.4
module load xlf/13.1.4

For p8t0[3-4]

module load xlc/13.1.5
module load xlf/13.1.5

Driver Version

The current NVIDIA driver version is 361.93


The current installed CUDA Tookit is 8.0

module load cuda/8.0

The CUDA driver is installed locally, however the CUDA Toolkit is installed in:



Currently OpenMPI has been setup on the four nodes connected over QDR Infiniband.

For p8t0[1-2]

$ module load openmpi/1.10.3-gcc-5.3.1
$ module load openmpi/1.10.3-XL-13_15.1.4

For p8t0[3-4]

$ module load openmpi/1.10.3-gcc-6.2.1
$ module load openmpi/1.10.3-XL-13_15.1.5


IBM's Parallel Environment (PE), is available for use with XL compilers using the following

$ module pe/xl.perf
mpiexec -n 4 ./a.out

documentation is here

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